Task / assignment

Our main goal is to get to know each other personally and to understand a little more about our schools and cities.
We will do this by asking and answering questions and putting information on pages and at the end compare and contrast our schools and cities.
At the end we have a nice WIKI on Almere and Trabzon and hopefully a far better understanding of each other.

In short:
Phase 1
Get to know each other. Make private pages and make yourself known. Look at other personal pages and start discussions
Phase 2
Start your research and make two pages on your City and your School
Phase 3
Compare and contrast your cities and schools. Write about your results on the pages Almere School, Almere City, Trabzon School and Trabzon City
Phase 4
Evaluation and Good Bye.
Look at the Schedule page for more information.

You can see the the names of the students of the Trabson and Almere students on the pages Almere students and Trabzon Students. If you click on a colored name you will see the private page of that student. Please ask that student all sorts of questions using the ' discussion tab' on the page you are at that moment.

We put a few questions at the page What we want to know. Please add your own questions, so we learn even more about each other.
On the pages Trabzon City and Almere City , and Almere School and the Trabzon School you put the answers on the questions and add all information you think thats interesting.

The best way to work
  • First put information about yourself on your private page. Look at the pages of the students of the other school abd ask questions and start a discussion using the discussion tab on that page.
  • Then think hard what you really would like to know about each others schools and cities. Look at the page What we want to know and add all sorts of questions you have.
  • Try to give answers to these questions on your City and School page. On these pages you can put all kind of other information also. Give the other students a very good idea about your school and you city.
  • In Almere a few students are the editors of the final pages. We have choosen to work that way because we have so many students. We in Almere let all students put all kind of information and answers on the temporary pages Drafts_School and Drafts_City. The editors make a nice Final Page out of this. But you can work on the Final Page right away if you think that's better.
  • Divide the tasks: e.g. we will answer these questions, we will make and add pictures, we will make a video, we get some information from the internet and add this on the page etc
  • We would really like you to put text but also pictures and video on the wiki. This makes the wiki more interesting.
  • And, if we have time, we will try to compare and contrast on this page.

Help / Assistance.
If you don't know very well how to put things on the wiki and for and kind of other questions use the help button on top of this page. If you still don't know how to do things, ask me, Jeroen Clemens. I will help you.