Helen Parkhurst

1. Philosophy of education

Dalton is a special way of education. It’s a concept from a woman: Helen Parkhurst (1887 - 1973). The special thing of Dalton is that the focus is on cooperation and freedom. She wanted that students learn to work together; she thought that this improves your social skills. With freedom she means that you can work independently.
Helen Parkhurst is the creator of the Dalton Plan and had founded her one Dalton School. She was born on the third of January 1887. In the beginning she was a teacher at a small school with only one teacher. In total there were only forty children at the school.Helen Parkhurst taught the children to be independently. In 1919, Helen Parkhurst opened her own school. One year later her school was renamed into Dalton school. In 1922 Helen published her book 'Education on the Dalton plan'. She died on 1973, when she was 83 years old.


2. Teachers

She is our science and physics teacher. Her birth place is Chile. We have Science and physics one time in a week. At the lessons of Catalina, the class is very noisy. (that is because we have a very active class) Cathalina is a very sweet teacher. She is a teacher who really wants to help our class. And even change the dates of the test or things we have to hand in when we are to busy to learn or make it.
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Jasper is our English teacher. He is very funny. In his class we don’t do very much, because he always makes jokes. Almost every lesson hour English he says to us ‘’you fuckers’’. When he is reading something at loud for us, he always use different types of voices. Then he is reading a part with a British accent, and then he turned to another type. It is funny. But then he say that we have to read, and if you say a word wrong, he would repeat it right. And when you say it wrong again, he let you read all the part again. It is so annoying, but very helpful.
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She gives us Dutch and she is the supervisor of our class. She likes it when everything goes good. She always walk into other classes to say things to us that we need to do different or hand in or something. When we get Dutch of her, she can talk for like the whole hour.

He is the geography teacher and also our supervisor. When he teaches us geography, his information is long. And when I say long I mean long. Our lessons are 70 minutes. So he gives 70 minutes information. But the good thing about that is that we understand it. And then he wants to use a PowerPoint, and then the beamer doesn’t work, and he doesn’t know how it works.
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This is us French teacher. She talks often about herself. When she does that she starts with the sentence ‘’when I was a little Winnifredje’’. When we have to made a discussion about our class ( we have to say the good and the bad things about our class and every student was a teacher) someone said ‘’when I was a little Winnifredje’’. She has to imitate Winifred. Winifred is a teacher who has a passion for her class. She can be really exiting about a grammar thing or something. That is so cool! We all love to listen to her.
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Christan is our teacher German. He is a good teacher because he listen to our opinion. And he helps us with the grammar of German, because is very difficult. He knows exacly how we can do it better. Also he can be very funny too.
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He is our teacher economics. The most time of the lesson he sits behind his desk and watch at his laptop. He doesn’t say anything when we have to work. Because he have to make an assay on the laptops, so we kinda do other things too on the laptops. And we talk a lot. But why not he doesn’t say anything of it.
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He gives us computer science, so he does with us this assignment. This teacher can be a little weird too, because we don’t understand him all the time. So sometimes it is a little hard to do our assignment. Only once he said that we may go to home, that was pretty cool.
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Dennis & Mark.
Our gym teacher is very nice. Most of the gym lesson he sits at the side of the field. That is because we have a trainee now. He’s name is Mark. The first 12 weeks of the school year and the last 6 weeks of the school year we have gym outside. We play much softball. Last time we played football to, that was kind of hard. But very cool when you played it in a game.
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He is our trainee biology. He gives much information about the subjects. But the last topic we had was about poisons, and we had to read the most in our book. Sometimes that was kinda hard. A week before we have the test he send us an extra paper with information on it, if you don’t read that paper you can’t make at least 1 or 2 assignments. Gal is a very cool teacher. If he wasn’t there Catalina would give us biology.

Hasan gives us maths. Most he gives us information but the next year the whole class go to an another class. So he can’t give us information in the class. The information is exclusively. When you go to the toilet you have to give your mobile to him, he said there was something happened or something. But we all don’t know what. Hassan is the teacher who gives us the results of the tests we make very quickly back. Most of the time the same day or a day after that day.

She is the history teacher. We like her very much. But she can’t keep our class quiet. People are talking thought her, and don’t listen to her. Daphne is the youngest teacher we have. That’s kinda cool too. Daphne isn’t a teacher who give punishment to someone very quickly. I think we never saw her very mad too.

Marijke gives us art. We have an assignment now what is very long, because next year, for the ones who have chosen art, you have to do that too. You have to do research about the subject, and make a moodboard about it. The topic we have now is ‘Friends & Family‘


3. Our school

At Helen Parkhurst we have 5 departments with each a different color of wall:
All students have there own locker:
Each of those yellow squares is a locker where students can put there stuff in.
The main entrance:

4. Canteen

At school we have a canteen. There you can by food, drink and candy. A lot of students buy there their lunch or they buy their lunch at the super market in the neighbourhood. We also have candy machines, there you can buy some snacks.
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5. Students

The Students of this school are much different of those at my other school.
It is a really big difference in how they act. At my old school they all were a kind of childish and compared to this school it was like a play ground and here it is much more adult but also much more fun. Here is a nice mixed sphere of working and jokes, well at least in my class, but i got the impression that everyone is nice to each other. At my other school i also had a decent amount of arguments with other kids, never had any argument here. I guess u people notice that I'm not naming the name of my old school, but that's because I could possibly offend them by telling this. But apart from comparing is this a really nice school at all teachers are not as jerky as they are at my old school, here they(most of them) listen to what u say and not just going on with their on story if u're having an argument with them or the other students(this isn't my topic but I thought I should tell this). But since I'm doing this part of the page all by myself isn't there another vision of the students(written by Sven).

6. School party

two weeks ago we had a party at school. we have 2 parties in a school year. the first one was with Christmas. the second one is out final party, this is becasuse of the end of the schoolyear. but that party was in May, and the end of the schoolyear is in June. So it was very early. the praty was very nice, everybody was there. we had a lot of fun with our friends and class. We danced and lauged a lot. there was a DJ and special effects with lights. there was a smoke machine. The school parties are in the audience of the school. The party started at 7:30pm, and it finished at 12am.