Hello, we are the group of the city. We are going to tell you something about the city Almere. We hope you like it and you can learn something. Enjoy!

The Restaurants.

The New Library.

There is a new library in our city, since one month. The library is in the middle of city. It’s very modern and you can do a lot of things. You can play computer games, make homework in silence can read and you books ofcourse! It’s beautiful and very big! The library has his own garden. So you can make homework in the garden. There’s also a café, to drink something.

The Neighborhoods.

In our city, you have many neighbourhoods. Every neighbourhood is split in parts. From almost all the parts, someone is going to tell about the neighbourhood were he/she lives.

Muziekwijk ( In English: Music district)
Nobody lives in Muziekwijk. But there’s a station in Muziekwijk and there are a lot of shops.

Waterwijk (In English: Water district)
Hi, I am Quindy. I live in Waterwijk. It’s close to the supermarket. That’s very convenient. It’s very nice there.

Verzetswijk. ( In English: District of resistance)
Hi, I am Isabel. I live in Verzetswijk. You have a lot of different houses.

Filmwijk. ( In English: Film district )
Hi, I am Doortje and I live in Filmwijk. It’s very nice. There are a lot of nice people. I have many friends there. It’s nice to live there.

Faunabuurt. (In English: Fauna District)
Hi, I am Melissa, and I live in the Faunabuurt. It is very cosy and in my street, I have many friends. In my street are living 10 boys, and 3 girls, together with my sister and me. Some nights, we are going out to go to the city or just to play soccer at the field.

Bloemenbuurt. (In English: Flower District)
Hi, I am Roosmarijn. And I live in Bloemenbuurt. There was an old centre, but they are building new shops.

Tussen de Vaarten (There’s no translation for this)
My name is Ilham. I live in Tussen de Vaarten. It is a very nice neighbourhood. It is very quiet and there live a lot of little children.

Kruidenwijk ( Herbs district )
My name is Lotte. I live in Kruidenwijk. There are a lot of long streets. It’s very nice there.

The Cinema.

There you see our big, modern and beatiful cinema. His name is Utopolis! Here you can see the newest films also 3D movies like Avatar and Allies in Wonderland. Affcourse you can buy some pocorn ore soda ore candy! mmmmmmm! There are 8 halls. Hall 1 is the biggest and hall 8 is the smallest.

The Center of the City.

Since 2 years ago we have a brand new city centre. The name of the city centre is Stadshart. There are many stores like toy stores and clothes stores. We call them Bartsmit and H&M. Our City mall is not just a normal city mall because it is not build on the ground. The whole City Mall is build about 30 metres above the ground. When you walk in our City Mall you walk about many hills of concrete. For people with a wheelchair ore having a baby it isn’t a pretty journey walking in the City Mall. For older people is the same problem. Other pretty thing is that they are many parking spots beneath the City Mall, but the parking spot are very expensive.

The Theater.

Tkunstlinie_1.pnghe theatre of Almere is located in our residence. The building was designed by the two Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawafrom the architects station SANAA. It is beautiful designed from the inside and out. The building has a special architecture, with a lot of straight clean lines.

At the theatre you can visit a lot of nice performances and beautiful musicals. The theatre has 3 sort of halls. The halls are equipped with many techniques. Because of that you have different theatrical forms possibilities. The theatre has a large hall for the known and big musicals and performances. And there is a middle and a little hall for the other little musicals and performances

The Kunstlinie kunstlinie_3.png

The ‘’Kunstlinie’’ is a place that is located at the same building as the theatre of Almere. It is a arts centre. You can follow different kinds of courses here. The courses vary from music, dance, theatre/musical to visual arts and multimedia lessons. The courses are being offer to: kids from 0-11 years, youth from 12-17 years and to adults. At the ‘’Kunstlinie’’ is a little hall for performances from the students.

The Festivals.

There are a few festivals a year in Almere. Like liberation festival on the 5th of May. La mère and Dancetour. Those festivals are free. Like every festival in the city mall of Almere.

There are also festivals where you have to pay. Like the festival: Zand. This means Sand. This festival is held on the beach of Almere

all festivals in the city mall of Almere held on a square that’s called: The Esplanade. On the esplanade are a lot of things. A few times a year there is a fair in Almere. Also on the esplanade.

The esplanade when there is nothing:

Once there was a kind of big beautiful tent where you could chill for free with a lot of colourful lights in it.


So, there’s a lot to do on the esplanade in Almere!

The Stores.

[ degene die info zoeken over de winkels en klaar zijn kunnen het hier neer zetten.
De plaatjesonderaan. ]

Disco's and more.

Places to go out in Almere,
Almere there arent many places to go out, mostly older people take the train to Amsterdam and spend their evening there.
That is because in Amsterdam there is much more to do in the evening. The most important / populair places to go out in almere are:
- NoX (This is now closed)
- Men at Work
- President
- Get Down (Cafe)
- Wow Under
- Mambo (Wangster place)
And thats it,
thats why people often go to Amsterdam when they're spending their evening outside.

here are some pictures:

made by; melissa, Maaike, Fabian, Maarten en Mike.